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How to earn via affiliate marketing

 earn via affiliate marketing

       earn via affiliate marketing

Today the world is going towards online trends, everywhere you can see online business. It’s a great way to boost your business online. Nowadays spending on online business had become a versatile trend in order to enhance your business online. The most amazing benefit of the online trend that you can earn money online via online business. Earning money online had become an easy medium of earning money online and most of the people getting into the business of online trend. Most of the user earning money via affiliate marketing, well today I am going to give some tips, How to earn via affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing had become an easy and most reliable source of earning passive income. One can easily earn up to 500 – 1000 $ per month via affiliate marketing. There are the different method of earning money online affiliate marketing is one of them. Many tech giants companies are providing affiliate option to users to become the member of the tech giants companies. Its based on the revenue sharing. If you have the product and want to sell more, You can offer promoters a financial incentive through an affiliate program( As many tech giants companies like Flipkart, Amazon, jabong are doing).

Tech giants companies are the giant distributors of their product, as they provide the affiliate programme to promote more of their product and get more revenue by providing lump-sum amount paying to their distributors. And the second part of affiliate marketing as the user can proceed to earn via affiliate marketing if you have no product and wants to make money online earn via affiliate marketing . Then you can promote the product that you feel has value and earn via affiliate marketing an income from it as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing in laymen terms

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s(or company) Products. You find a product you like promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Well till now you have understood about what affiliate marketing is all about, Now I am disclosing the procedure how to affiliate marketing an how to earn via affiliate marketing.

Visit any of the giant company websites like e-commerce website (Flipkart, Amazon) choose your category of the product which you want to promote in order to run the affiliate programme.

Visit any giant company website and become the affiliate member down to the page you will get the affiliate option. Become an affiliate member and after you will get the affiliate programme code.

Create a brand new website according to the product you wanna promote. And promote that particular product in your websites by creating different promotional blogs.

Tips how to earn via affiliate marketing by creating promotional content

                  earn via affiliate marketing

  • By creating additional content which enhances that product to the next level
  • Special specifications which help you to promote that particular product
  • Show the uniqueness of that particular product by enhancing the authenticity of the particular product.
  • Promote the particular product by showing more attractive images of the particular product by enhancing the product to the next level.


After creating the amazing, flamboyant and fancy content. In the end of the content, you have to embed that affiliate promotional code, When the user clicks the promotional code and buy the particular product from the specific e-commerce website.

Commissions vary from product to product where you can choose the particular product according to the commission. I would recommend you to choose the product which resembles your niche which you can add additional, Informative content about the specific product according to your niche. Go to this link if you want to know more about commission junction about the particular product.

Earning money via affiliate marketing is not the easy task, you have to fulfill the specific requirement according to the terms and condition of google. For To earn via affiliate marketing one must have nearly 10000- 15000 of traffic to their website, and the brand should be well known among the people. WHY? Well, its common If you do not have traffic people won’t visit your website to read your blogs and ultimately your attractive content for the specific product ll have no value. It seems like no use of affiliate marketing if you do not have traffic to your website.

Traffic and brand awareness plays a vital role if you want to earn via affiliate marketing . If you have traffic to your website you can earn thousands of dollar by earn via affiliate marketing if not you have to make sure that your website must reach 10k followers.

So, guys here I provided the brief introduction of how to earn money via affiliate marketing, Best of luck guys and start your first affiliate program and start to earn via affiliate marketing 

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  1. Adsense pays for just impressions and page views. Users need not to buy anything. But In affiliating marketing they won’t pay for ad views. How can we earn more through affiliating marketing ?

  2. Great post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful info specifically the remaining phase 🙂 I maintain such information a lot. I was seeking this particular information for a very lengthy time. Thanks and good luck.

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