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The Business of the 21st century – by Robert kiyosaki

The Business of the 21st century – by Robert kiyosaki

                        Robert kiyosaki

Robert kiyosaki is the great author of all time, he taught us how to be financially strong to survive on this planet. Robert kiyosaki gave us reason to believe that people are not poor their mindset is poor enough to become poor. The author rekindles our belief towards becoming financially stable and gave us the proper guidance to become successful in life. Well, America well known for its high standard of living, people from all across the world want to go to America in seek of jobs. But the condition of America had become worse after the America captured itself with 9/11 attack, Wallstreet fall and the year 2001 become the year of doomsday for the people of America.

The crisis of jobs, employment level surge its peak and many people scrounging for financial subsistence. Robert kiyosaki gave us the reason for financial freedom with the help of his boom rich dad and the poor dad. He refers to two fathers, his father is poor went to school, captured good grades, achieved his high education and served his life as a public servant in the service sector. On the other hand, his rich dad was a very well known businessman and investor.

Robert kiyosaki was having always have 2 choices to deal with, both the dad gave him the pieces of advice to become something different in life. As poor dad said to secure your future by getting the job and the rich dad gave him something different theme, well he said to take the risk and make your life more wonderful. Concluding on his own experience, Robert kiyosaki discusses how to create financial freedom via investing, property ownership and building businesses.
Robert kiyosaki wants to do something different with his life as a married guy, he wanted to leverage his financial freedom by giving a different definition for incomes. His philosophy was different and Meraki apart from the world. His belief in his idea vigorously rekindles his mindset towards his dreams. He said there is no financial freedom in working for others. He gave the examples of bill gates, Jeff Bezos, and many other top millionaires who drop out from different high qualified collages(Harvard) just to achieve their dream. Getting a good education and making good grades no longer ensures success, and most of the time nobody cares for the public servant.
Well, Robert kiyosaki shares his concern towards us, how to become financially and mentally rich I order to conquer what you want in life.

1. Rich don’t work for money

             Robert kiyosaki
According to Robert kiyosaki , The very most important thing in life is what we love, and what makes you feel special about what you are doing. Many people quit jobs because they aren’t getting enough pay at all or some other reason to quit the job. Rich people do not work for money, they are strong-minded towards the entrepreneurial decision. For Robert Kiyosaki his poor dad taught him to secure your future a well high classified job, On the other hand, the perception of rich dad started the business of your own choice and gain the confidence over financial freedom.

The perception here to decide your future income, you don’t want others to dominate you. You have to make your own financial decision in order to secure your passive income. The guy who is working as the servant for others may quit his job because maybe he is not affinity towards his job on another hand the person who started with small business, he will never quit because he started his business with his own choice because he is vigorous towards his decision. You are only poor if you give up. The most important thing is that you did something for yourself because the world is more selfish than you are. Most of the people only talk about the dream of getting rich. Rich people dream and make it happen that makes them rich.

2.  Learn financial literacy according to Robert kiyosaki

               Robert kiyosaki

In this world everyone wants to get rich, each and every person have different perception towards income he is earning and towards future income. If a person wants to achieve something big he should have to take the right decision and should have the leadership skills to achieve it. Well, The person wants to become rich he should have the knowledge about financial literacy. People consider their mortgages as assets. Well, Robert kiyosaki gave a flamboyant explanation about assets and liability. Assets are those which in turn generates income for your lifetime and the asset which cannot generate income are the liability. People should have the knowledge about financial literacy regarding asset and liability and manage their fortune to enhance their future income performance. The person is financially stable when he has sound knowledge about his financial literacy and have a unique financial stable attitude.

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3.  Mind your own business

In this concept, Robert kiyosaki wants to acknowledge us towards business minded perception. He gave the example of many big lavish millionaire and billionaire who embark their journey to become something different and they are the people who usually mind their own business. A person working as an employer is having a fixed salary, same routine of work no better excitement in his life and he is playing a role of the servant. The concept here is you do not have to work for others in order to gain the financial freedom. You are the reason for your own fate.

McDonald’s is the most effective selling hamburgers across the world, the company embarks on some effective motive to become something and they achieved it. There key source of achievement is network marketing. The author remarks that individuals need to mind their own business if they wish to become financially self-sufficient. They shouldn’t mind their employer’s business, they should strive for ways to become their own boss and nurture their own businesses. You are the master of your own dream, think twice before its too late.

4.  Building your source of network

Robert kiyosaki gave a magnificent explanation of network marketing an beautiful overview of how network marketing helps in creating your own business style in order to achieve big financial goals. Network marketing is one of the most effective technique to enhance your business performance level. It’s a skyrocket formula for any business to achieve their financial goals.
“I came to realize that while personal success is fulfilling, it’s much more fulfilling when you can help many others create their own success as well”
Robert kiyosaki explained how network marketing works, in order to become financially rich, he gave the explanation point out that network marketing is all about framing a duplicate marketing technique where people should capture your style and grow along with you. Network marketing is the very authentic way where the company should spend to enhance the business level. Network marketing is the concept where you have to grow along with your team.

5.  The different phase of quadrant according to Robert kiyosaki

Robert kiyosaki taught us there are 4 quadrant E, S, B and I. E quadrants refers to employers quadrant, where the person works day and night to meet his household expenses and die without giving any meaning to his life. S quadrant is all about initializing your passion into small business where A person is trying his level best to get to the other side of life. B quadrant refers to the rich ones who are already in the business who are financially stable and keep on trying to enhance their level best to boost their business. And I quadrant, in this quadrant people invest their money in bonds, mutual funds, stocks and in many other financial assets. They are the player of a risk of uncertain future.

Well the concept here the Robert Kiyosaki want to explain is the people fall into the different category, it’s the people who have to decide there financial future their decision is prior to them. People living in B and I quadrant are living there lavish life on the other hand E and S quadrant still struggling their life to get paid their household rent. The decision is up to you which quadrant you have to fall in.

Robert kiyosaki showed us distinctive important and inborn estimation of system showcasing and the profitable lesson about the financial opportunity, its depend on us how to enhance his abilities in our lives.

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