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Leader! leader! leader! hurray….. we have achieved the endeavored goals finally…!!! this appreciation strikes an immense effect on the personality of leadership. Leaders are known for their integrity and mindset towards the final goal. Planning to become a leader, well..! why people say “my life sucks”, “life is not fair”, “luck is not in my favor”. These Phares strikes me towards those categories of people in the world, who believed that they can’t survive anymore. Nowadays people become conservative towards their standards and mindest towards optimistic decisions. what do you think!! who are these leaders? well…! leaders are those who can adopt changes with diversifying themselves in a positive situation, where their subconscious mind planning to become more better in order to conquer the particular situation. You cannot call normal people as a part of the leader. Leaders are the one who stimulates others. Leadership end goals to make themselves happy by optimizing the current situation in order to achieve the contingent objectives.

Well…! this proves that leaders are not born, they are made to become the part of flamboyant and suave Personality called leadership. In this article, you will get to know about leadership arenaLeaders are born or made

Leadership Qualities are not the qualities which you can find in a newborn baby. Each person in this world has different aim and goals and opportunity to grow like a leader. The individual needs to draw in with other individuals so as to track the world characteristics with your characteristics. There is abundance number of individuals who want to accomplish something that you need to do. They are the chaser, case dependably removes the amusement from the crate. All things considered, the pursuit is one of the qualities where individual experience and need to acknowledge or change the world conduct so as to achieve his/her objectives. Authority is about objectives, objectives strike your life and after that, the nature of initiative emerge. Pioneers are not conceived they are rolled out to improve the world. They are the person who needs to leave and enlightened the path for some youths.

A positive leader is always respected and followed! As a leader, cultivate a can-do attitude. It always works wonders and keeps the team motivated. A motivated team will work towards the continued success of the company and keep the energy levels up. Treat everyone in your team as a person with their own positive and negative points. Keep the office mood a fine balance between productivity and playfulness. If your team is feeling happy and upbeat, chances are they won’t mind staying that extra hour to finish a report, or devoting their best work to the brand.

Another term which repudiates the announcement “pioneers are born not made is visionaries. All things considered, you may have experienced numerous visionaries. well, numerous individuals known for there dreams. all things considered, I am not discussing the individuals who dream during the evening, I am discussing those fantasies who can see anticipated unavoidable future. Visionaries assume an exceptionally fundamental part of authority success. The idea of administration has been broadly watched and every now and again considered, yet an intensive comprehension of what characterizes effective initiative has dependably stayed simply distant.

Leaders are made not born:

Behavioral Theories trust that individuals can progress toward becoming pioneers through the way toward educating, learning and perception. The administration is an arrangement of abilities that can be learned via preparing, discernment, practice, and experience after some time. Initiative learning is lifetime movement. Great pioneers search out improvement openings that will enable them to learn new Skills.

Can enroll in a programme on management and leadership makes someone a leader upon completion? Can Charisma, Influence, Integrity and the ability to Inspire be taught? Will the granting of a certificate and a few letters after one’s name make them a leader?

Leadership can be learned by anyone with the basics. But an awful lot of leadership cannot be taught. Some do well but others find themselves poorly equipped rendering mediocre results.


Some leaders begin their development journey at an early age. When they enter school, they learn how to interact with people, basic human skills. They might later join an athletic team, become a team captain, and learn about team-building or resolve conflicts. Others might join a debate team or theater class and learn communications and persuasion skills. Still, others might become a camp counselor, join a scouting or youth program, or take classes on leadership related skills like public speaking. Some people might go to college while others may join the military or move on from formal education to get a job and learn a trade. All the while, they have been learning various aspects of leadership, even if unconsciously or vicariously by being a follower.

Whatever direction they may choose, some people will also choose to become leaders. They run for student government or a local elected office in their community or their trade union. They are promoted in the military to corporal or sergeant or petty officer or are commissioned as a junior officer. They get promoted at work to be a first-line supervisor. They decide to become a leader.

When they make this decision, they will not only choose a career, but also choose to become someone who will be able to influence their organization, team, or unit. Some are more prepared than others because of their early experiences; however, for those who choose to lead this decision will normally mark the beginning of their formal leadership education. They will need to become more knowledgeable about what leaders do and practice those skills. Some will seek to find a mentor. Others will get more formal leadership training. Still, others will learn by doing – they will try different leadership techniques and learn by trial and error.

You can decide to become a leader at any point in your life. While leadership can be attributed to a formal organizational position, it is not a prerequisite, and you can be a leader whenever you decide to become one.

  • Still confused between leaders are born or made? well here is the perfect pitch for your rhythm…


So how does this all work together? Well, to be a great leader, you are both born and made. You are born with the qualities that make you a leader, including courage and strength, while you hone your leadership qualities through trial and error, to become the person you are and the leader you want to be.

Was Alexander the Great born great? No. He was born with a keen and intelligent mind, but he needed to be taught to be a leader by his father and by one of the greatest minds in human history.
Here are the different comments of the people around the world shared their perception towards this topics enjoy your time reading it.

(Via Quora)

Leaders are made not born.

Not everybody can be a leader just like not everybody can become a good actor. A leader is a person who comes forward to take up a challenge.

You need to be in the right place at the right time. You may be a leader but what matters is whether or not you are in the position within which your talents can shine forth. You just simply cannot learn leadership skills from a book. Until and unless you try those skills in real life, you won’t be a leader.

Remarkable leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and many more.. were not born leaders. Their circumstances and their willingness to do something extra-ordinary made them turn into remarkable leaders.

No one is born with any quality. Everyone is like a raw mud waiting for the porter to give a shape and turn it into a pot.

Don’t confuse personality traits with leadership. There are 24 major character strengths that define a person. See the Values in Action survey at the University of Pennsylvania for a great description. But just because a person has a good range of these traits does not mean they will be a good leader. In my definition of leadership, which is the ability to get a team of people to accomplish excellent results, leadership is defined by action, not the character. What I mean is that you must take the right actions to accomplish the goal. These actions must be framed by a value system (Character) but there are many people with the character who never take action and therefore do not lead.

There are a lot of ways of framing leadership but by believing that leaders are born note made we give ourselves a convenient excuse for failure, I was not born a leader. By believing that leaders are made not born when we couch our failures as opportunities to learn to do it better next time.

After supervising thousands of employees and training leaders for 35 years I have learned that having what Carol Dweck of Stanford defines as a growth mindset is critical to becoming a good leader.

There are born leaders and there are leaders. Both are made. Some people are naturally inclined to speak up, pick up the marker in a meeting and take notes, ask clarifying questions or start a debate. Others wait, hold back and after gathering data and inspiration, they speak up. Neither is best. What is best, right and real is what works for the individual.

Here’s the thing. Leaders must work with people—all their needs, idiosyncrasies, and complexities make a leader’s role difficult, complex and ever-changing. You don’t come to be tactful, diplomatic, politically savvy and masterful with people from birth…even if you are a born leader.

Leadership must be developed. The other thing is leadership cannot be taught but it can be learned. Books, leadership models, 360 evaluations are all fine but you need the experience to become a good leader…experience with people, real-time in the seat. Just as you can’t learn to play guitar by reading a book and you can’t get fit by reading fitness books, you can’t become a good leader by reading, studying or evaluating a 360. Put yourself in the leadership arena and get exposed…enjoy it!

It is a fun and exciting challenge to earnestly embrace developing into a leader. Leadership is the one thing that can change anything!

I agree with Brian – leaders can be born, but all leaders are made. It is true that some people are born with more leadership traits than others. Think about it – it’s just like people who are born more artistic, or who are born more analytical, or who are born more musical. However, that doesn’t mean that natural talent is the only way one can become a leader!

Leadership is something that you have to learn through experience. It’s only through falling down that we learn how to get back up again. So let’s put it this way: great leaders are made, not born.


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